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Haven Marissa

If I see you out on the street wearing a hp shirt, I reserve the right to sit you down and have a conversation about the new core i5’s processing power.


I mean seriously Where do you position yourself when it has a cover? Do you lay under it? Do you get inside it like a sleeping bag?

I keep trying to find charts or examples or bar graphs on how you lay with one, but they DOnT EXIST. Im looking in amazon reviews trying to find someone as confused me.

Im afraid that one day I’ll be asked to sleep with a duvet, and I’ll be left wondering all night




#superwho ?

I think you mean


Ever get tired of double standards on female promiscuity? Abe Lincoln’s got your back.

"Whatever Spiteful fools may Say —
Each jealous, ranting yelper —
No woman ever played the whore
Unless She had a man to help her.”

               -  the 16th president

Am I the only only one who really wants River Song and Brian Williams to meet?

It took me 25 minutes to get to the first post I ever liked. I knew I was getting close when I saw dinosaurs and scene haircuts.

I find it incredibly poetic that the United States flags placed on the moon have now been bleached white by solar radiation.

Sometimes I get a horrible suspicion when thinking about The Angels Take Manhattan. That Amy got sent to a different time and never saw Rory again, she just lied in the afterward to alleviate the Doctor’s guilt.

I hate my mind.

why am i overwhelmed by rugs

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